Goodbye ugstJOUR, & Hello world.


It has been a very memorable semester and I just cannot believe it is almost over! I have grown so much!! I have become educated in many different areas: studying careers, time management, test taking skills, confidence boosters, and many other areas of my life. I have grown so much! I have learned to completely accept myself as unique and different. I have also decided that teaching is a definite area of which I am highly interested. I am still interested in many areas, but that is what hobbies are for. šŸ™‚ What’s next you might ask? Well my next big thing is to try out a few education classes then I will let life fly me to my next destination. I have learned to lay my worries down, network with people, and just go with the flow of things. Networking is important so I will always keep that in mind. All of this being said I am sad to announce: Goodbye ugstJOUR! Hasta la vista! I will miss you all a great deal and hope to see you around campus next semester -yes this includes you Laura Pasquini šŸ˜‰ Have a great year and I hope you all achieve your goals! Again, goodbye everyone! Lots of love <3″


Religion and Spirituality

I think it is interesting that spirituality is what we value as individuals and what is important to us and how we feel. I like how everything eventually comes down to religion and spirituality, so really we can’t hide from it. The idea that a greater being has created has been spread across nations and is still intact today. I believe that it is always important to keep spirituality and meditate daily to get a better sense of self and who you really are. It is also really good for your emotions and it helps you think clearly. I am proud to aware of myself and my beliefs. I am proud to be a Christian.Ā 


I identify with Christians. My values, morals, and personal standards are extremely high. We believe in marriage as being very sacred. Our purity is also very sacred as well. People have called us bible thumpers, Jesus freaks, and so forth. This is not entirely true either. In fact, if people were to get to know a person that is a “true Christian,” they would see that they in fact do not judge others and are compassionate and always willing to help others. This is how I want to be viewed, by my true beliefs rather than what others have portrayed Christians as being. It is very hard to stay true to being a Christian, because a lot of people look down on us and think that we believe that we are a “perfect people,” which is completely wrong. We are people and people are sinners. We must accept that we are never going to be perfect or better than others. In fact, a lot of people that talk to me have no idea that I am even religious sometimes because I’m not the portrayed “christian” and I don’t preach to every person who walks by. Christians are supposed to influence people with love and acts of kindness, not throwing the bible in people’s faces. So all in all, I love. And I will always love and forgive because that is what my Father has done for me. ā¤

Power Poses

I never realized how important body positions were when it comes to important situations like a job interview or taking a test. The way you sit, stand, and place your arms and legs really says a lot about your confidence. If you can stretch your arms instead of crossing them, you automatically feel more confident. This same thing goes for the legs as well. Crossing ankles and arms gives a sense of being closed off. The woman in the Power Poses video starts off with her hands on her hips like Wonder Woman. This shows power and creates a sense of dominance and authority. Statistics show that the more stretched out and confident you look, the more likely someone is to hire you rather than someone who seems closed off and insecure.

Sexual Health by Amber and Theresa

After watching the prezi, what do you guys think about sexual health?
Should you take precautions? or avoid the whole situation altogether? Would you abstain?

Also what are some ways to avoid unwanted sexual contact when put into a situation you don’t want to be in?

Would you like for your future husband or wife to be completely clean?

Would you take the risk of getting STDs after this information has been presented to you?

Leave your opinions in a comment šŸ™‚

Money Management

In class, we played a game that involved spending money on resources if you were trapped on an island. Many people in the classroom bought many useless items that would not help them on an island. Many people completely looked over “water” and continued to buy other items. This made me realize that this is exactly how a lot of college students spend their money in college. Many students spend their money on fast food and restaurants rather than the items that they really need. As the woman from the Money Management area was giving us advice, she helped me realize there are better ways to manage my money and I learned just how important it is to save money.

What is my Strong?

In my Strong results, I have Artistic and Social as my highest theme, scoring 60 for Artistic and 51 for Social. I believe this applies to me almost perfectly. Performing arts, writing & mass communication are highest in the artistic area, and religion &Ā spiritualityĀ is the highest in the social area. This is completely true because in school I was in Color guard (dancing) and One Act Play.


I also participated in poetry & prose for UIL. The religion and spirituality being high also makes perfect sense because I have extremely high standards and beliefs and I will stick to my beliefs and values no matter what. Jesus Christ is my savior forever!


Teaching & Education and Counseling and Helping are high in the Social area. This fits me perfectly as well because I absolutely love kids and I like being able to teach them new things and play with them and watch them grow. Some possible majors I have already been considering are under these strong results. Under the Social portion, possible majors include Secondary education, Sociology, Elementary Education, Early Childhood education, and Psychology. These are all majors I have considered.

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Also some possible careers of the Artistic side that I have also considered are Journalism, Musical Theatre, Art, Radio/Tv/Film, Dance, Music, English, Digital Ā Media, and Graphic Design. Since Artisitc careers are rather hard to come by since they are soĀ competitive, I think that I will chooseĀ somethingĀ of the social side as my major and something from the artistic side as my minor, like cosmetology or photography.

I’m always tying to think of creative hair ideas

and unique photo ideas.


Learning 101 “Learning Styles”

I attended Learning Styles of the Learning 101 Series. What is funny about my attending this is that I should have thought more aboaut the meaning of the title: Learning Styles.Ā When I was given a series of papers with VARK written at the top, I thought “Now wait a minute… I already did this is my ugstJOUR class.” I looked over the papers and sure enough, it was the exact same test I had already taken. I began to try to remember my scores form last time but it was no use so I just decided to take it again and answer all of the questions. I tried to answer the questions as honestly as I could and discovered that my results were pretty different form the first VARK test i had taken. I was really shocked with my results actually. I scored the highest in Aural learning.


I learned that in order to be successful in the classroom as an aural learner, I must pay attention to what is going on. I also learned that writing down everything (which is exactly what I do) is the worst thing i can do. Main ideas and key points are things I should be writing down. I should start paying attention to stories that have to do with the key points so that I can recall back to that interesting or funny story the teacher talked about. Recording lectures is also helpful since I learn better by “hearing.”

To be successful when studying I should join study groups (this is very true because I have been joining some more often and it has helped so much) since we can talk about it out loud. Replaying lectures helps me because I can hear what the teacher is saying again so I can retain the information better. I should NOT study in silence.

To be successful when taking the testĀ I should sit up front so I can hear anything the professor has to say clearly. I shouldn’t sit by anything that will distract me at all, like a creaking door or a squeaking chair. It also helps to murmur the questions to myself Ā so I can actually hear the questions.

This advice has helped me to learn more about myself than I ever realized. Since most of the tests I have taken have given me multi-modal results I have beenĀ thinkingĀ more and more about teaching elementary school that way I won’t have much trouble teaching all kinds of subjects: math, science, history, and english.


Ā These are some of the kids I took care of at Junior Lobo Academy daycare for a year šŸ™‚ I love these little ones ā¤


This is Candace. She was the oldest at the daycare. We were always drawing with chalk on the sidewalk and thinking of creative ideas.

These little guys are my inspiration in becoming a teacher.

MTBI Results!

I actually guessed that my results would be INFP, and it turned out that I was really close. The ENFP were my actual results and I suppose I wasn’t real surprised by them: Extraversion,Ā iNtuition, Feeling, and Perceiving. Ā I was a bit shocked that I got Extraversion instead of Introversion though, because I spend a large amount of time thinking to myself and solving inward problems. But then I began to think about how much I love to dance, act, and hang out with friends, just being active and then it started to make sense. All of my results are in the “clear” zone except for Extraversion, which is in the “moderate” zone.And shockingly enough these MTBI results are agreeing with me in almost every aspect. In the Preferred Work Task, I have “helping others develop or learn” and “seeing the possibilities is any situation or person” which is funny because here lately I have been thinking about becoming a school teacher because I love kids and I want to help them learn and overcome obstacles. Places that “Encourage and reward creativity” and “Has people who get excited by new possibilities” are preferred work environments the MTBI suggested for me. After reading through all of these suggestions I have to totally agree with everything. Ironically enough, the career report says that one of my challenges is that I “have a hard time focusing amid all the possibilities.” After I read that I literally laughed out loud because I never can focus because there are countless possibilities that are constantly floating through my head on a day to day basis. I also do not have a “concrete action plan” to help me meet my goals. Another irony lies in the Ranking of Job Families section. Child care provider, hairdresser, artist, musician, reporter, and school teacher are all in the top ranking, and these job families are the ones I’m most interested in. All of the Most Popular Occupations for me are all things that I love to do as well. The more and more I think about deciding on a career I think about becoming a school teacher and being a hair dresser or photographer on the side. I think that I will have many occupations on day, but I will be okay with that because I’m used to being busy all the time and I like it that way. I’m closer and closer to finding my major I can feel it!