RTN :)

I would like to interview people in the film and photography area. I would like to discover all of the things that go in with aspect of filming and photography. I want to ask questions about what it is like as a career and how much time is put into it. I would like to […]

Book Proposal for JOUR

Mom, What Does PG Mean?               Over the years the PG and PG-13 movie ratings have created a confusing predicament for parents concerned about the content their kids might be watching in movies. With labels like PG and PG-13, it is hard to tell what the actual content of the movie is and hard to […]

Top 10 Bucket List

First off I want to say that I tend to be big dreamer and I follow my heart in everything that I do. I have created a bucket list that practically extends forever but I’m going to just start off with my top ten. My very very top goal is to succeed in singing. I have […]


Click this link to see what I spend all my time doing 🙂 Time Management   I’d say my pie looks pretty tasty since the majority of my Time Management pie consists of sleeping, and everyone loves sleep! I Sleep an average of 56 hours a week! Sleep is very important. The second biggest part of […]