What is my Strong?

In my Strong results, I have Artistic and Social as my highest theme, scoring 60 for Artistic and 51 for Social. I believe this applies to me almost perfectly. Performing arts, writing & mass communication are highest in the artistic area, and religion & spirituality is the highest in the social area. This is completely true because […]

Learning 101 “Learning Styles”

I attended Learning Styles of the Learning 101 Series. What is funny about my attending this is that I should have thought more aboaut the meaning of the title: Learning Styles. When I was given a series of papers with VARK written at the top, I thought “Now wait a minute… I already did this is […]

MTBI Results!

I actually guessed that my results would be INFP, and it turned out that I was really close. The ENFP were my actual results and I suppose I wasn’t real surprised by them: Extraversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Perceiving.  I was a bit shocked that I got Extraversion instead of Introversion though, because I spend a large […]

Multiple Intelligence and VARK scores!

Multiple Intelligences Test – based on Howard Gardner’s MI Model Linguistic 27 Logical-Mathematical 22 Musical 37 Bodily-Kinesthetic 31 Spatial-Visual 27 Interpersonal 30 Intrapersonal 28   VARK Scores: V: 9 A: 9 R: 7 K: 8   I was pretty shocked when my VARK scores were all pretty much balanced. I was even more shocked when […]