MTBI Results!

I actually guessed that my results would be INFP, and it turned out that I was really close. The ENFP were my actual results and I suppose I wasn’t real surprised by them: Extraversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Perceiving.  I was a bit shocked that I got Extraversion instead of Introversion though, because I spend a large amount of time thinking to myself and solving inward problems. But then I began to think about how much I love to dance, act, and hang out with friends, just being active and then it started to make sense. All of my results are in the “clear” zone except for Extraversion, which is in the “moderate” zone.And shockingly enough these MTBI results are agreeing with me in almost every aspect. In the Preferred Work Task, I have “helping others develop or learn” and “seeing the possibilities is any situation or person” which is funny because here lately I have been thinking about becoming a school teacher because I love kids and I want to help them learn and overcome obstacles. Places that “Encourage and reward creativity” and “Has people who get excited by new possibilities” are preferred work environments the MTBI suggested for me. After reading through all of these suggestions I have to totally agree with everything. Ironically enough, the career report says that one of my challenges is that I “have a hard time focusing amid all the possibilities.” After I read that I literally laughed out loud because I never can focus because there are countless possibilities that are constantly floating through my head on a day to day basis. I also do not have a “concrete action plan” to help me meet my goals. Another irony lies in the Ranking of Job Families section. Child care provider, hairdresser, artist, musician, reporter, and school teacher are all in the top ranking, and these job families are the ones I’m most interested in. All of the Most Popular Occupations for me are all things that I love to do as well. The more and more I think about deciding on a career I think about becoming a school teacher and being a hair dresser or photographer on the side. I think that I will have many occupations on day, but I will be okay with that because I’m used to being busy all the time and I like it that way. I’m closer and closer to finding my major I can feel it!


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