Learning 101 “Learning Styles”

I attended Learning Styles of the Learning 101 Series. What is funny about my attending this is that I should have thought more aboaut the meaning of the title: Learning Styles. When I was given a series of papers with VARK written at the top, I thought “Now wait a minute… I already did this is my ugstJOUR class.” I looked over the papers and sure enough, it was the exact same test I had already taken. I began to try to remember my scores form last time but it was no use so I just decided to take it again and answer all of the questions. I tried to answer the questions as honestly as I could and discovered that my results were pretty different form the first VARK test i had taken. I was really shocked with my results actually. I scored the highest in Aural learning.


I learned that in order to be successful in the classroom as an aural learner, I must pay attention to what is going on. I also learned that writing down everything (which is exactly what I do) is the worst thing i can do. Main ideas and key points are things I should be writing down. I should start paying attention to stories that have to do with the key points so that I can recall back to that interesting or funny story the teacher talked about. Recording lectures is also helpful since I learn better by “hearing.”

To be successful when studying I should join study groups (this is very true because I have been joining some more often and it has helped so much) since we can talk about it out loud. Replaying lectures helps me because I can hear what the teacher is saying again so I can retain the information better. I should NOT study in silence.

To be successful when taking the test I should sit up front so I can hear anything the professor has to say clearly. I shouldn’t sit by anything that will distract me at all, like a creaking door or a squeaking chair. It also helps to murmur the questions to myself  so I can actually hear the questions.

This advice has helped me to learn more about myself than I ever realized. Since most of the tests I have taken have given me multi-modal results I have been thinking more and more about teaching elementary school that way I won’t have much trouble teaching all kinds of subjects: math, science, history, and english.


 These are some of the kids I took care of at Junior Lobo Academy daycare for a year 🙂 I love these little ones ❤


This is Candace. She was the oldest at the daycare. We were always drawing with chalk on the sidewalk and thinking of creative ideas.

These little guys are my inspiration in becoming a teacher.


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