What is my Strong?

In my Strong results, I have Artistic and Social as my highest theme, scoring 60 for Artistic and 51 for Social. I believe this applies to me almost perfectly. Performing arts, writing & mass communication are highest in the artistic area, and religion & spirituality is the highest in the social area. This is completely true because in school I was in Color guard (dancing) and One Act Play.


I also participated in poetry & prose for UIL. The religion and spirituality being high also makes perfect sense because I have extremely high standards and beliefs and I will stick to my beliefs and values no matter what. Jesus Christ is my savior forever!


Teaching & Education and Counseling and Helping are high in the Social area. This fits me perfectly as well because I absolutely love kids and I like being able to teach them new things and play with them and watch them grow. Some possible majors I have already been considering are under these strong results. Under the Social portion, possible majors include Secondary education, Sociology, Elementary Education, Early Childhood education, and Psychology. These are all majors I have considered.

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Also some possible careers of the Artistic side that I have also considered are Journalism, Musical Theatre, Art, Radio/Tv/Film, Dance, Music, English, Digital  Media, and Graphic Design. Since Artisitc careers are rather hard to come by since they are so competitive, I think that I will choose something of the social side as my major and something from the artistic side as my minor, like cosmetology or photography.

I’m always tying to think of creative hair ideas

and unique photo ideas.



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