Religion and Spirituality

I think it is interesting that spirituality is what we value as individuals and what is important to us and how we feel. I like how everything eventually comes down to religion and spirituality, so really we can’t hide from it. The idea that a greater being has created has been spread across nations and […]


I identify with Christians. My values, morals, and personal standards are extremely high. We believe in marriage as being very sacred. Our purity is also very sacred as well. People have called us bible thumpers, Jesus freaks, and so forth. This is not entirely true either. In fact, if people were to get to know […]

Power Poses

I never realized how important body positions were when it comes to important situations like a job interview or taking a test. The way you sit, stand, and place your arms and legs really says a lot about your confidence. If you can stretch your arms instead of crossing them, you automatically feel more confident. […]

Sexual Health by Amber and Theresa

After watching the prezi, what do you guys think about sexual health? Should you take precautions? or avoid the whole situation altogether? Would you abstain? Also what are some ways to avoid unwanted sexual contact when put into a situation you don’t want to be in? Would you like for your future husband or wife […]

Money Management

In class, we played a game that involved spending money on resources if you were trapped on an island. Many people in the classroom bought many useless items that would not help them on an island. Many people completely looked over “water” and continued to buy other items. This made me realize that this is […]