I identify with Christians. My values, morals, and personal standards are extremely high. We believe in marriage as being very sacred. Our purity is also very sacred as well. People have called us bible thumpers, Jesus freaks, and so forth. This is not entirely true either. In fact, if people were to get to know a person that is a “true Christian,” they would see that they in fact do not judge others and are compassionate and always willing to help others. This is how I want to be viewed, by my true beliefs rather than what others have portrayed Christians as being. It is very hard to stay true to being a Christian, because a lot of people look down on us and think that we believe that we are a “perfect people,” which is completely wrong. We are people and people are sinners. We must accept that we are never going to be perfect or better than others. In fact, a lot of people that talk to me have no idea that I am even religious sometimes because I’m not the portrayed “christian” and I don’t preach to every person who walks by. Christians are supposed to influence people with love and acts of kindness, not throwing the bible in people’s faces. So all in all, I love. And I will always love and forgive because that is what my Father has done for me. ❤


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