Goodbye ugstJOUR, & Hello world.


It has been a very memorable semester and I just cannot believe it is almost over! I have grown so much!! I have become educated in many different areas: studying careers, time management, test taking skills, confidence boosters, and many other areas of my life. I have grown so much! I have learned to completely accept myself as unique and different. I have also decided that teaching is a definite area of which I am highly interested. I am still interested in many areas, but that is what hobbies are for. 🙂 What’s next you might ask? Well my next big thing is to try out a few education classes then I will let life fly me to my next destination. I have learned to lay my worries down, network with people, and just go with the flow of things. Networking is important so I will always keep that in mind. All of this being said I am sad to announce: Goodbye ugstJOUR! Hasta la vista! I will miss you all a great deal and hope to see you around campus next semester -yes this includes you Laura Pasquini 😉 Have a great year and I hope you all achieve your goals! Again, goodbye everyone! Lots of love <3″


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