Multiple Intelligence and VARK scores!

Multiple Intelligences Test – based on Howard Gardner’s MI Model
Linguistic 27
Logical-Mathematical 22
Musical 37
Bodily-Kinesthetic 31
Spatial-Visual 27
Interpersonal 30
Intrapersonal 28


VARK Scores:

V: 9

A: 9

R: 7

K: 8


I was pretty shocked when my VARK scores were all pretty much balanced. I was even more shocked when my multiple intelligence scores were all balanced as well! I guess this means that I learn all different kinds of ways, and I have discovered that I am open to new ways of learning and solving problems. 🙂 I’m supaaa glad I got to take those tests! They helped me realize a lot about myself. This must be the reason I am having trouble choosing a major.


Family and Friend Career Tree :)


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RTN :)

I would like to interview people in the film and photography area. I would like to discover all of the things that go in with aspect of filming and photography. I want to ask questions about what it is like as a career and how much time is put into it. I would like to know how often you can actually get a good paying job as a film major or photographer. I would like to interview a film director, video editor, or a camera man. I want to learn more about broadcasting, and reporters. I also want to learn what it is like using Theater and English education as a career. How many years of college do you need for theses types of careers? I want to learn their salaries as well as benefits. I would like to know how many hours are spent working in this career. What goals can be achieved in this career? How difficult is the work to these people? How long did it take them to decide that this career was something they wan’t to do for the rest of their lives? Are these career majors balanced in being married and having kids? What consumes most of their time? Why did they decide to pursue this career? What are some negatives and positives to having these as careers? I am excited about Road Trip Nation because I feel that this will really give me useful information to help guide me in finding my major and pursuing my biggest dreams 🙂 I’m so psyched!!



Book Proposal for JOUR

Mom, What Does PG Mean?


            Over the years the PG and PG-13 movie ratings have created a confusing predicament for parents concerned about the content their kids might be watching in movies. With labels like PG and PG-13, it is hard to tell what the actual content of the movie is and hard to decide whether the child is mature enough to watch it or not. There are many movies that could easily be considered rated R movies but have gone through a loop hole of some sort and have managed to be labeled PG-13. Parents can generally tell if their kids are ready for R-rated movies and PG movies are generally OK, but PG-13 is where most of the confusion lies so I have decided to propose a book that parents can use as a guide when deciding what to let their children watch.

            This book targets parents specifically because all in all parents have the dominant say in what their children can or cannot watch. This book is intended to give parents a “reality check” to let them know that society is not all flowers and rainbows; they need to pay attention to what they’re kids are really consuming everyday by the media and know how this truly influences them. In Steven J. Kirsh’s book titled “Children, Adolescents, and Media Violence: A Critical Look at the Research,” Kirsh talks about the violence in the media and how it can affect children and adolescents. The book I have proposed also includes violence as being a key factor when determining what influences young people. The difference between Kirsh’s book and mine is that the content I write is more centered around movies rather than the media in general. I also will be writing about the affects that profanity, sex, and language have on youth rather than just violence alone. For example, the first chapter: “What chu talkin’ ’bout Willis? Rated R is for adults,” discusses the thin line between the movie ratings PG-13 and R. Years after years, R-rated violence and profanity has been creeping into PG-13 movies, which have grown increasingly more violent than they were a generation ago. 

            The college professor who taught my english duel credit courses in high school has prepared me for many different kinds of writing and I believe that I am fully capable of writing this book. I am highly considering majoring in journalism this year at the University of North Texas, and I already have completed 2 years of college english. I have been writing for a very long time now; this includes many research papers, book analyses, and blogging hobbies. My plan for marketing this book would be creating internet advertisements, displaying youtube videos describing the book, and making a website to help promote it. I would also like to travel to the country to different schools and set up a program affixed with a speech to give parents and teachers about violence in the media. Then I would advertise the book towards the end. I believe this book will be a very useful resource for parents concerned for their children’s futures.








Book Chapter Titles:

  • What chu talkin’ ’bout Willis? Rated R is for adults!
  • Stupid is as stupid does
  • Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?
  • Tomorrow’s not just tomorrow. It’s like the future, ya know?
  • Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

Top 10 Bucket List

First off I want to say that I tend to be big dreamer and I follow my heart in everything that I do. I have created a bucket list that practically extends forever but I’m going to just start off with my top ten. My very very top goal is to succeed in singing. I have always wanted to perform in front of large crowds and inspire many with the music I sing and/or write. I want to improve my singing in any way possible whether it be through constant singing lessons or just practicing on my own with the confidence that I have never had. The second thing I want to do is finish writing the book I started last year. It is aimed towards individuals who have thought about taking their lives in desperation and deep depression. I want to prevent suicide attempts and provide a way out for people, especially teenagers. If I were to get this book published, this could also give me a chance to prove that I am not just a face in the crowd, that I CAN make a difference in this world. I also would like to travel to other countries and do mission work, whether that is rebuilding weather damaged homes or helping children in schools. This would give me the skills to be more compassionate towards others so that I can bring that love back home and share it. I want to learn how to compose musical pieces. It doesn’t matter whether it’s piano, flute, or any other instrument. I always have music bouncing around in my head but I have not acquired the skills to transfer those music notes to paper. I want to meet Christina Grimmie because she is my very favorite singer and she has inspired me so very much with her music. She makes a huge difference to all of her fans. She is sweet, kind, and wears Christianity on her sleeve. She is always singing about pushing forward and not allowing anything or anyone to get in the way of your dreams. She has inspired me to follow my dreams. My next bucket list goal is to participate in some kind of Broadway musical. I love dancing because I can express myself in such a way that words can never describe; the same way I feel with singing. I also want to be a be a children’s counselor because I grew up in a bad home life and I understand those sort of things and I think I could help. I would like to make above a 3.7 GPA all throughout college. This will help me attain scholarships so that I am not completely broke when I graduate. Before I die I want to be the best mother a child could ever have when I have children, because I grew up with a mother who… wasn’t the best. I went without things that no child should ever have to go without. I want to be the best girlfriend a guy could ever have. I won’t ever cheat on him or ever hurt him intentionally. I will always be straight up with him and talk things out in every argument or misunderstanding. This will also help me with my relationships with other people, friends and family. And last but not least I want to become more spontaneous because everything in my life has been planned and I’m sick of trying to plan and perfect every part of my life.


Click this link to see what I spend all my time doing 🙂 Time Management


I’d say my pie looks pretty tasty since the majority of my Time Management pie consists of sleeping, and everyone loves sleep! I Sleep an average of 56 hours a week! Sleep is very important. The second biggest part of my pie is free time. I find myself with nothing to do a lot of the time and so I usually try to go work out or read a book to fill up my free time. Also doing chores takes up a huge part of my time because clean clothes and good hygiene are extremely important to me. The next biggest part of my time is consumed by working and class. I need a job to make money to survive right? Going to class is also extremely important to me because my education defines my future. Class time and Work time each average about 15 hours a week. Meals and snacks are 14 hours of my week because a meal should be enjoyed and eaten slowly. Traveling takes up 13 hours of my week because I find myself walking everywhere around campus, and I go shopping on the weekends so I travel to walmart and other places. Grooming is the next big time consumer. It takes me 30 minutes to straighten or curl my hair and then another 30 minutes to apply makeup and such. All together that is 10.5 hours a week I spend getting ready for the day. My socializing actually only takes up 10 hours of my week because I have yet to have met really great friends but as this year progresses I believe that will soon change. And last but not least  is the time I spend going to church. I go to church about 4 hours a week, so that’s Sundays and Wednesdays. I am not part of many organizations yet but I will find some to take part it. I am currently in UNT Serves right now. My time is almost balanced but not quite. Free time and grooming are probably my biggest “time vacuums”. I could definitely use my free time to study more. I am challenging myself to study more and to use less of my time grooming and being idle.

About Me

Titanic pose lol

My name is Amber Kelley. I love to sing, write, dance, act, shoot photographs, and many other things.  I am one of the most friendly people you will ever meet. I love to socialize and hang out with friends. I have very high standards for myself and I refuse to conform to society. I am silly and very young at heart. I love to get out and do things, but I also enjoyed time to relax and listen to new music or write a book. Music is my life! I do not know what I would do without music to pump me up and get me going. I listen to almost everything and I have learned to appreciate many different kinds of music. I am not a very big fan of country though. I graduated with 51 other students from a very small 2A school with a population of 3,900. I spent a glorious amount of my time in the marching band. I marched with my flute for two years, danced in the color guard for two years, and have been playing in concert band since 6th grade. I was nominated Cisco High School’s Homecoming Queen and also Queen Lobo the 80th this past year. Our mascot is the lobo and for all of you that don’t know, lobo means “wolf” in Spanish. I participated in theater, media club, FCCLA, FCA, and other organizations. I was Color Guard captain, class reporter, Media Club president, and reporter of the National Honor’s Society. An interesting fact about myself is that bright lights make me sneeze. I also don’t watch television because it makes me dizzy and, oddly enough, drains my energy. Now on special occasions, like when I’m at a friend’s house, I’ll watch a show or two. I worked at the Junior Lobo Academy daycare for a year. Those kids completely melt my heart and I miss them so much already. I love being around children and teaching them small things, like how to count to 10 or tie their shoe. My junior and senior year in high school have been the best years of my life and I hope that college brings even more memorable and exciting experiences.

Who says a girl can't play video games?